Training Module for Speakers

Training Module for Speakers

For over a year now I was working on a training module for speakers, teachers and lecturers in the college level. I am happy to announce that I am ready to publish it, together with a publishing company who I partnered with. I will be releasing it in 2017 and I will be glad if you will support me in this endeavor.

So, what’s my training module about? The module, consisting of 50 pages text and 5 pages infographics, is about how a speaker, lecturer, or teacher practice proper speaking in front of a large crowd. Be in a seminar, in a class, or a just a group discussion. It contains nice images as well as bulleted list of dos and donts as well as practical tips on speaking. This training module will soon be available in my partner bookshops. If you buy two copies, you will receive a free pen and a notebook.

Thankyou for supporting me in advance!

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