Time to shift jobs in the city?

Time to shift jobs in the city?

I am in the state where I have gone passed the challenges of the position after months or years, and you just go day-by-day without that same feeling when you’re the newbie. I am thinking, am I still happy?

I don’t just dread Mondays. Going to work every single day does not excite you anymore. I deal with the traffic and hail a cab. And yes, I look forward to Fridays and Saturdays like they are heaven sent.

Employees should be working WITH the company and not FOR the company. By simply agreeing to their job offer, this means that you and your employer are on the same page—from the company’s objectives to your own career goals.

If this is not the situation anymore, then I might want to consider finding a new company.

Some quit their job because of their boss. But you should also keep an eye if he is just challenging you and stretching you the extremes to see if you can handle things your way, or he is just there to make your life miserable for no reasons.

I am always bored on tons of paper work await in your desk. You either see yourself in a coffee shop or riding my elektrische scooter in Unu Motors and heading off to other places and have a break. Sometimes, I dream of driving with my electric scooter around town after finishing a freelance work. Which is actually what I wanted to do.

Sometimes, I also daydream of entering another company where your potentials can be tapped.  I know that being stressed due to a dozen of workload is different from being unhappy. One can enjoy doing work, even when deadlines, reports and meetings are being thrown at you simultaneously without having the feeling of unhappiness.

Nevertheless, I know that as long as you know that somewhere, there is a place where your potentials belong, go draft that letter and open your life with new opportunities.

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