Why I am sticking with Amazon Prime Canada

I don’t love writing positive reviews, and I love being critical. However, when writing and Amazon Prime Canada review, here and now, today, there’s literally nothing negative I can say about this service. I just think that it is top-notch, and I think that as Amazon Prime continues to move in the net direction of Netflix, which is an interesting direction that they are moving in, by having things like original series that can only be watched on Amazon Prime, like Neil Gaiman’s American Gods for example, I don’t think institutions that only offer one service, like Netflix, we’ll be able to keep up. The thing about Amazon is that they’re far reach does them so many different benefits, and they have such a diversified approach to encountering business. Like, right now, Amazon is not a single service or business at all. Right now, Amazon is providing many different services that are very different from each other, and competing too the best at a whole lot of different things. This as extreme value to their company, and a lot of this value comes through in a practical practical way when it comes to Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime, in a way, is sort of just a portal to a whole bunch of opportunities. Whether you want to escape it entertainment, order goods from the store, or browse the web for sale so I’m just about anything, and many many more services than this, too, Amazon Prime has become a solution for you.

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